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AAAF Hair Donation

Cut for a Cause

How far would you go to make a difference for children living with Alopecia Areata?


Donating your hair to be made into a wig for someone who cannot grow hair of their own is a generous gift and rewarding experience. The Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation has been running our Hair Donation Program since 2012, and thanks to the generosity and support of donors and fundraisers, have been able to change the lives of dozens of families living with AA. 


Committing to a challenge like this is a bold (or should we say bald?) move, and not something you can do every day, so why not go all out? Whether you go for the clean shave or a shorter style, your Hair Donation will go to help children living with Alopecia Areata have access to wigs. Set a date, set a time, rally the support of everyone you know and make an event of it to help even more by raising funds and awareness.


Your donors may be able to receive matched donations from their workplace. Be sure to encourage them to check the "Give via Workplace Giving" button on your fundraiser page to find out.


Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation works to provide vital support services and help change the lives of people living with Alopecia Areata. We rely on community support, and a large portion of this is from fundraising events and activities involving dedicated people like you. While you’ve made the daring decision to cut your locks or shave your head, what we gain in return from your fundraising efforts is invaluable and for that we can’t thank you enough!


AAAF loves to say thank you to all the wonderful individuals who support our cause, so be sure to fill out all your details, including your postal address, when you register your event so that we can send you our thanks. And don't worry - we'll never share your details or put you on any mailing lists. 

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